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Music Industry Jobs, Careers & Internships: Website/ HTML 5/ WordPress Coder/ Programmer Intern
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Company Info

Discovering Arts Music Group

London, , United Kingdom

Company Profile

Website/ HTML 5/ WordPress Coder/ Programmer Intern


Job ID:



London, , United Kingdom


A & R - Music, Graphic Design - Music, Information Technology - Music, Web Design / Development - Music

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Employment Type:

Part Time



Job Description:

Region- Central London
Location- Swiss Cottage
Job Sector- Media/ New Media
Period- 3-6 Months
Remuneration- Internship_TBD
Discovering Arts Music Group currently have a fantastic opportunity for a budding WordPress Programmer/Coders to come and join our head office team, based in London. You will be working as part of a young, friendly and fast paced team and will gain valuable experience working alongside the core music team. You need to be able to commit to the placement, we would prefer full time but we can be flexible on hours.
·         Responsible for the creation of a wide variety of products using HTML and WordPress.
·         Participating in a team-oriented environment.
·         Highly fluid environment with many different projects.
·         Develops and maintains a D.A.M.G web site, using both static and dynamic multimedia presentations including navigation and version control 
·         Collaborates with a variety of subject matter experts to define the user experience strategy and develop usable, useful and compelling website experiences 
·         Recognizes and evaluates problems, makes changes and corrections as they occur, offers appropriate solutions, and refers to the appropriate channel for action 

Job Requirements:

·         Working knowledge of HTML 5, WordPress Web site, Programmer/Coders.
·         Very good communication skills and interpersonal skills.
Strong problem solving and analytical skills.
·         Self-reliant; able to work independently and accept responsibility for projects.
·         MUST be well versed in html (including html5), CSS, PHP and WordPress. - Proficient with Adobe software
·         Ability to work independently and juggle multiple projects.
·         Excellent time management skills.
About us:
Discovering Arts Music Group (DAMG) is a London-based company that believes in business at the front and Music is at the back, (whereby, we protect the artists and their music). DAMG is providing a single home for Artists, which is comprise of 8 core businesses: Record Company, Publishing, Management, Booking Studios/Production, Events, Fashion/Merchandise and Digital distribution. DAMG promote, develop and support the visions of our artists, nurturing their growth from zero to hero. 
*Please note that it is required to work at least 3 full days a week for a minimum of 3 months*
*Due to logistics, we are only able to process applications from people who already live in the UK and are available to start immediately*
 If you are interested and can commit apply with your CV and Cover Letter explaining why you would like to join our team.
 We look forward to hearing from you.

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