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Music Industry Jobs, Careers & Internships :: Print Job Music Teachers Wanted in Nashville

Company Info

Musika Music Lessons NY, United States

Music Teachers Wanted in Nashville


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Nashville, TN, United States


Education / Instruction - Music



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Job Description:

Musika is expanding and seeking
enthusiastic music teachers to join their team!


Company Bio

Since 2001, Musika Music Lessons has provided private music lessons to thousands of children and adults across the country. Musika’s teachers come from diverse backgrounds,  but they all have one thing in common--an accomplished background in music!


Become an independently contracted music teacher
with the nation’s premiere music teacher group!


Available Positions

Piano teacher, Voice teacher, Violin teacher, Viola teacher, Cello teacher,
Guitar teacher, Bass teacher, Flute teacher, Clarinet teacher, Saxophone
teacher, Trumpet teacher, Trombone teacher, Drums teacher

The Benefits of Teaching With Musika:
 ♪ You choose where to teach!

Teach music lessons in students’ homes, and/or teach music lessons from your own home studio location.You can also teach music lessons online via Skype or Face Time!


  ♪ You choose your students!

Musika will provide you customized student leads. You will choose which students work for you based on your schedule and criteria, and you create and use your own curriculum. Choose to teach 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute lessons to students of various ages and skill levels.

 ♪  You have no invoicing!

Musika handles the student billing so you don’t have to! Teachers work as Independent Contractors, will sign a 6-month, non-exclusive, contract, and are paid an hourly contracted rate for lessons taught.


Weather you are looking to build up your studio, or looking to teach part-time, Musika wants to hear from you!

Visit Musika online today to join their network of
experienced and enthusiastic music teachers!


Many immediate positions are available!



Accredited and rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau

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Job Requirements:

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