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Music Industry Jobs, Careers & Internships :: Print Job Record Label / Artist Management Internship

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United For Opportunity
New York, NY, United States

Record Label / Artist Management Internship


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New York, NY, United States


Artist Management - Music, Record Label - Music



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Job Description:

United For Opportunity has a comprehensive intern program offered to both students interested in the entertainment business and graduates looking for entry into the business. Our internship program is the place to truly see how the industry operates and what it takes to develop a long-term career for an artist. You'll be given responsibilities beyond those of a typical "intern" and have a chance to kick off a great music industry career.

During your internship, you will learn about:
*Various parts of the music industry including management, touring, publicity, online marketing, publishing, film & tv placement, and record label services
*How we tailor our services to each individual artist
*Strategies for success in the new music industry

The ideal candidate would:
*Be passionate about establishing a career path at an innovative new model entertainment company
*Have flexibility and be able to assist artists, managers, administrative and technology personnel
*Be hard-working and willing to work long hours to make a difference
*Be an organized self-starter requiring minimal supervision
*Be high-achieving and goal-oriented with a positive outlook
*Have great attention to detail
*Be comfortable working in team situations in an office environment
*Have or be pursuing a relevant Bachelor's degree
*Live in New York City

Must have general knowledge of music industry and HUNGER to have a successful career in the business. Committed and professional attitude need only apply.

Job Requirements:

If you have any of these skills, we will put them to good use!
*Communicating in writing and on the phone
*Proofreading and editing copy for newsletters, blogs, and websites
*Managing administrative tasks associated with tour marketing
*Capturing an artist's voice in writing
*Creating online marketing campaigns and strategies
*Managing social media sites
*Working with online retail outlets
*Developing merch sales campaigns
*Graphic design
*Web design (Wordpress, HTML/CSS, PHP)
*Video editing
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